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Hunter Biden Investigation: Disturbing Links Between AG Garland And DOJ Interference

Disturbing new details have emerged regarding the investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes, implicating Attorney General Merrick Garland in a potential cover-up. The latest report from The New York Times reveals the existence of a source corroborating the claims made by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, shedding light on interference by the Justice Department in the probe. This revelation raises serious questions about the integrity of our justice system.

Contrary to Garland’s previous assertions, the report indicates that US Attorney David Weiss, tasked with investigating Hunter Biden, was explicitly instructed by the DOJ not to bring charges against him in specific jurisdictions. This revelation contradicts Garland’s claims that Weiss had full authority and independence to pursue the case wherever necessary. The revelation of this obstruction by the DOJ, hidden within the depths of The New York Times’ report, fuels concerns of a deliberate effort to shield Hunter Biden and AG Garland from accountability.

The mainstream media’s handling of this information is deeply troubling, as it renews skepticism about their impartiality. By burying crucial details in the 21st paragraph of their lengthy report, media outlets seem complicit in protecting powerful individuals from scrutiny. The American public deserves transparency and fairness in investigations, regardless of political affiliations. It is imperative that we demand accountability and shed light on any potential abuses of power within our justice system.

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