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Hunter’s Hookers To Appear Before Congress…

The House Oversight Committee is reportedly looking into the involvement of foreign and American prostitutes who allegedly cavorted with Hunter Biden, son of the US President, before Congress, according to a report by The New York Post. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a committee member authorized to view banks’ Suspicious Activity Reports, claims that the reports she viewed showed that many of Hunter Biden’s alleged payments to hookers were from Ukraine and Russia, and that there were terms like “this is a known prostitution ring” and “human sex trafficking” in the summary pages.

“We need to talk to them, especially the ones from Russia and Ukraine. … We need to find out where they were with Hunter Biden. Did they go in the White House when [Joe Biden] was Vice President? We just need to know these things. Where they’ve been, what they know, what they’ve seen, what they’ve heard,” said Greene.

Greene also warns that some of the foreign women Hunter Biden caroused with could have been spies and that sensitive information could be compromised, “especially given the fact that our country is funding a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.”

Images from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop reportedly show him with prostitutes, paying thousands of dollars a night for drug and alcohol-fueled romps at luxury locations across the country. In May 2018, Hunter Biden paid $8,000 to a woman named Gulnora, a registered agent for the escort service Emerald Fantasy Girls, using a credit reportedly linked to President Biden’s own account.

The House Oversight Committee is reportedly concerned that Hunter Biden’s professional corporation, Owasco P.C., may have been involved in the payments. The committee claims that Hunter Biden used his professional corporation for non-business related expenditures and did not maintain proper books and records.

The committee also suggested that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop contains hundreds of emails relating to Owasco and the company was often used to distribute cash payouts to him and his family. The report also reveals that Hunter and his family had operated more than 20 LLCs and taken in at least $10 million in foreign money, citing subpoenaed bank records outlined in a 36-page memo by House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer.

Greene plans to lead a probe to determine if the women being paid for prostitution by the President’s son who were foreign nationals were human trafficked, and if the Biden family has tried to intimidate them or cover the story up. The criminal activity seen in the reports has left her stunned, “I am rarely ever speechless. I was literally speechless. I didn’t know what to say. I was so shocked at the depth of crimes that this family has committed.”

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