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If Trump Is Charged, He Says, “Death And Destruction” Might Result

On Friday, Donald Trump posted on Truth Social that a former President of the United States, who got more votes than any sitting President in the history of the country, and leading candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party, had been charged with a Crime. This statement represented an escalation in Trump’s torrent of assaults against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg at a time when a grand jury is deliberating whether or not to arrest Trump over hush money payments made to a porn star to keep secret an alleged affair during the 2016 campaign. Trump’s associates have stated that the message was not based on any prior notice. During this same time period, Trump started encouraging his fans to protest and “take back our nation” in reaction to an indictment that was brought against him. On either Wednesday or Thursday, the Manhattan grand jury did not assemble, and it is not anticipated that any charges would be filed until at least the middle of next week at the earliest. Republicans, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have made efforts to quell Trump’s demands for rallies and demonstrations. The Justice Department is also looking into Trump’s handling of secret materials after leaving the White House and his actions during the riots on January 6.

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