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Republican lawmakers are again calling for President Joe Biden to be removed from office. They say that he took money from China through his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Sources in the GOP say that a group of conservative lawmakers want to start impeachment proceedings against the President because he allegedly didn’t tell Congress about foreign payments made to his family when he was Vice President under Barack Obama.

Representative Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, declared: “Joe Biden and his family have been taking money from the Chinese Communist Party for years.” This is an outright violation of the Constitution and betrayal of American people.”

These accusations stem from Hunter Biden’s controversial business deals in China and other foreign countries during his father’s tenure as Vice President. Republicans have charged that the Biden family used their political influence to secure lucrative business contracts and accept payments from foreign governments in exchange for access to US government resources.

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, lamented, “the Biden family has a long history of engaging in corrupt business practices and taking money from foreign governments. It’s time for Joe Biden to be held accountable for his decisions.”

While it remains to be seen if Congress will consider impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden and his family, the controversy over their business dealings in China is sure to remain a contentious topic in politics.

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