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Israelis Rise Against Netanyahu’s Judicial Reform

As part of an ongoing series of protests, thousands of Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv on Saturday night to express their opposition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judiciary reform. This marks the 20th demonstration against what many perceive as an attempt to limit the power of the Supreme Court. These rallies have been a consistent presence, taking place nearly every week since the beginning of the year.

The organizers reported an attendance of 135,000 participants, a slight decrease from the estimated 200,000 in previous weeks. Concurrent demonstrations were also held in Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod, Herzliya, and numerous smaller cities and towns across Israel.

In addition to addressing concerns about the judicial reforms, the Saturday night rally aimed to draw attention to Netanyahu’s budget proposal for 2023-2024. The proposed budget allocates 13.7 billion shekels ($3.8 billion) to fund initiatives of his ultra-Orthodox and pro-settler coalition partners.

The demonstrations reflect the deep divisions within Israeli society regarding the role of the judiciary and the allocation of public funds. By continuing to mobilize in significant numbers, the protesters seek to exert pressure on the government and emphasize their opposition to policies they perceive as detrimental to the principles of justice and equal representation.

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