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‘It happened under George W. Bush’: Katie Britt shamed by MSNBC guest over ugly Biden lie

Sen. Katie Britt’s State of the Union response after President Joe Biden addressed Congress has moved on from being mocked for the Alabama Republican’s over-the-top dramatic presentation to being ripped apart for a blatant lie at the center of her speech.

At the center of the controversy was Britt’s claim that, after she took office, the GOP senator stated she traveled to Texas where she met a woman who had been a victim of sex trafficking, with Britt telling a national TV audience the woman “… had been sex trafficked by the cartels starting at age 12. She told me not just that she was raped every day, but how many times a day she was raped.”

That led her to lay the blame at the feet of President Biden when she added, “We wouldn’t be OK with this happening in a third-world country. This is the United States of America, and it’s past time we start acting like it. President Biden’s border crisis is a disgrace. It’s despicable. And it’s almost entirely preventable.”

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However an alert Jonathan Katz busted the freshman senator by pointing out “These events didn’t happen in the United States. These crimes didn’t take place in the United States. Or even near the border. They took place in Mexico,” before noting they also took place under President George W. Bush.

That led former GOP campaign consultant Tara Setmayer to blast Britt during an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday.

Speaking with host Katie Phang, she first called the Britt response from her kitchen “cringeworthy” before calling her out for her “disingenuous” use of the trafficking story.

“On top of the fact that she used a story about sex trafficking that took place 20 years ago in Mexico by a woman who has had a career as an advocate against sex trafficking and testified in front of Congress in 2015 about her story. This didn’t happen under President Joe Biden, it happened under George W. Bush,” she exclaimed.

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“So they are exploiting this issue because they know it has a certain resonance and there have been failures on the border — we all acknowledge that” she continued. “But President Joe Biden, and brilliantly did this, putting Republicans on the spot during the State of the Union, has negotiated a bipartisan deal that is one of the toughest immigration deals in decades.”

“When I worked on Capitol Hill back in the day, we would’ve loved a bill like this, a lot of things would’ve been solved,” she added. “But Republicans do not want to solve it, they want to continue to exploit stories like that are stories about the tragedy that happened in Georgia because they know it is a political winner for them and most people do not know the actual facts about the situation.”

Watch below or at the link.

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