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Jim Jordan sues to force closed-door impeachment testimony from DOJ tax attorneys: report

Judiciary Committee Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) is suing to enforce subpoenas that call for the closed-door testimony from Department of Justice tax division attorneys who were both subpoenaed last year as part of the House GOP’s investigation into the Biden family.

Mark Daly and Jack Morgan were at the center of the action Thursday.

“The failure of Daly and Morgan to comply with their respective subpoenas is impeding the Committee’s impeachment inquiry and its oversight of DOJ’s handling of the Hunter Biden investigation, matters of significant public concern,” attorneys for the House wrote, as reported by Politico.

As Politico’s report pointed out, suing to enforce subpoenas against “career politicians” is a rare occurrence, with the last time the House utilized the move being in 2019 when Democrats tried to enforce subpoenas to obtain an unredacted version of the Mueller report.

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“The lawsuit sets up a legal showdown that Republicans have been hinting at for months as they near the final stages of their impeachment investigation,” Politico’s report stated.

“It’s also a potential sign that Republicans are comfortable with dragging out their probe, as GOP investigators eye potential alternatives to impeachment. Republicans are still short of the votes to take that step within their own thin majority, since they need near unity to impeach Biden,” the report added.

There’s no guarantee that the suit will enforce the subpoenas within the timelines that Republicans want. Past suits, such as one filed by the GOP house in 2012 that demanded DOJ data related to the Fast and Furious scandal, lingered for seven years before it was settled in 2019.

“When Republicans formally greenlit their impeachment inquiry late last year, they also specifically signed off on the investigative committees initiating a lawsuit, with the speaker’s blessing, to compel testimony from the two DOJ officials,” Politico reported.

Read the full report over at Politico.

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