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JOE BIDEN: America’s First Chinese President

In A.J. Rice’s latest book, “The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture,” the author takes a dramatic stance on Joe Biden’s presidency, accusing him of being the first American president to defend China. Rice presents a scathing critique of Biden’s handling of China’s aggressive actions, highlighting a series of incidents that he believes demonstrate the president’s weakness and questionable loyalties.

The excerpt begins with the alarming account of Beijing flying a spy balloon over US territory, including sensitive military installations. Rice accuses Biden of intentionally allowing the balloon to gather sensitive intelligence before finally allowing it to be shot down. He goes on to criticize Biden’s recent trip to visit US allies who are threatened by China’s ambitions, claiming that the president downplayed the incident as “silly” and even apologized to China. Rice argues that Biden’s actions on the world stage make him the weakest American president in decades, possibly ever, and suggests that even Jimmy Carter would have taken a stronger stance.

Rice also accuses the media of protecting Biden and avoiding any criticism of his relationship with China. He references the alleged censorship of stories about the Biden family’s wealth accumulation and the media’s dismissal of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop as a non-story or Russian disinformation. Rice asserts that the media’s reluctance to report on these issues is due to their own lucrative relationship with China, claiming that several major media outlets have financial ties to China Daily, a Chinese propaganda outlet. He argues that China’s influence over the media prevents the American public from learning the truth about Biden’s ties to China.

Furthermore, Rice highlights President Trump’s efforts to confront China during his tenure, including trade wars, urging allies to move investments away from China, and ending special trade privileges. In contrast, he claims that Biden has consistently downplayed China’s threats and dismissed its intentions and goals. Rice references past statements made by Biden where he downplayed China’s economic threat to the United States and claimed that Russia, not China, was the greatest threat to US elections and politics.

The author goes on to discuss China’s foreign aid spending, its “Belt and Road” program, and the Thousand Talents Plan, accusing Biden of turning a blind eye to China’s actions in these areas. Rice argues that Biden’s inaction and refusal to address issues such as industrial espionage, concentration camps, and China’s threats to neighboring countries indicate that he is either a wholly-owned subsidiary of China or has close ties to the country.

In this dramatic book, Rice presents a highly critical viewpoint of Joe Biden’s presidency, accusing him of prioritizing China’s interests over those of the United States and suggesting that the media is complicit in protecting him. It portrays Biden as a weak leader and raises questions about his allegiance and integrity in dealing with China.

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