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Joe Biden The New “Teflon Don”?

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee presented evidence against members of the Biden family, including President Joe Biden, regarding potential criminal activity during his tenure as vice president. Despite the serious nature of these allegations, mainstream media outlets have mostly remained silent, failing to inform the public about the details of the proceedings.

Chairman James Comer had previously requested access to law enforcement materials from the FBI in hopes of revealing evidence of criminal activity involving Joe Biden. However, the FBI denied the request, leading to frustration and outrage among congressional Republicans. The Bidens seem to have an unbreakable hold on their power, evading justice time and time again.

Arguably, Joe Biden is now the new “Teflon Don”, as his family seems to be untouchable. The Democrats’ ability to cover up any wrongdoing is remarkable, with their control over major social media platforms and news outlets, shielding themselves and their allies from repercussions. Joe Biden has been in the public eye for over four decades, building a well-oiled and insulated machine that has allegedly generated millions of dollars for himself, his family, and his associates.

The Bidens have seemingly mastered the art of political corruption and have effectively shielded themselves from scrutiny. Those who hope for justice to prevail are left with a grim reality for now. It seems highly unlikely that the Bidens will be held accountable for their alleged crimes, leaving the American people feeling disillusioned and betrayed by their leaders.


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