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Joe Biden’s New Focal Point Is Marjorie Taylor Greene

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKEAWAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene has gained national recognition due to her efforts in assisting Kevin McCarthy in securing the speakership position, and her membership in two influential committees Greene appeals to a certain sector of the GOP and Biden focusing in on her may be part of his 2024 strategy. President Biden has made reference to Greene by name and criticized her for opposing a Republican-sponsored bill that would revoke an investment regulation allowing retirement fund managers to factor in environmental and social objectives.

Biden has signaled that he plans to run in the next election but has not yet made a formal declaration of his candidacy. Hilary Rosen, a Democratic strategist, believes that the recent rise in influence of Greene within the Republican party presents an advantageous opportunity for Biden to call her out by name and set her up as a “proxy for how extreme the Republicans have become.” Michael Hopkins, a political consultant, believes that Biden could use the act of denouncing Greene as a strategic approach to promote his agendas. Michael Gordon, a Democratic strategist believes that if the Republicans are willing to support Greene, it would be advisable for Biden to provide her with the attention she craves. Michael Stratton Democratic strategist believes that if Biden persists in bringing up Greene’s perspectives, he may be able to sway public opinion away from perceiving her as the quintessential representation of American democracy. Democrats held everyone in the House and increased in the Senate. “It’s pretty clear that the extreme views of the Republican Party that has manifested itself—particularly in Congress—is not the face of America that people like,” he added.

Original Article Below: By Katherine Fung @ Newsweek

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