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Joe Rogan: There’s Overwhelming Evidence We’ve Been F–ked With [VIDEO]

🎙️ Joe Rogan speaks out: “There’s overwhelming evidence we’ve been f–ked with. Just the lab leak… When you see the gain-of-function emails that Fauci sent to those scientists. There’s clear collusion to distort the narrative. That’s scary shit…

If you have a child that got vaccine injured and you worry that your child has myocarditis now and their life span has shortened, and they might be dead in ten years. That’s f–kin terrifying…

Especially when you consider they tried to mandate it for kids when they knew this wasn’t deadly for kids, and they also knew that it didn’t stop transmission… They knew it didn’t stop transmission. It was all lies.” 🚨😱 #JoeRogan #FauciEmails #VaccineInjury #DistortedNarrative #COVIDTruth

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#JoeRogan #Fauci #LabLeak #GainOfFunction #FauciEmails #ScaryTruth #VaccineInjury #Myocarditis #COVIDLies

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