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‘Joe, stop!’: MSNBC’s Mika fails to stop Joe Scarborough’s profane Robert Hur rant

On Tuesday morning, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough launched into a rant about special counsel Robert Hur that had him swearing and Mika Brzezinski imploring him to stop.

Reacting to report that Hur, who investigated President Joe Biden, quit the Department of Justice and has been working with GOP operatives before his Tuesday congressional testimony, Scarborough flipped out.

Focusing on Hur’s penchant for making personal observations in his final report that are unrelated to his investigation, Scarborough called out the prosecutor and questioned what he is expecting in return from a possible second Trump presidency.

“I wonder what pasture he will walk off into,” he began. “Kind of wander off and say, ‘You know, Joe Biden, I noticed he didn’t really tie his tie well. The tie knot suggested that maybe he has arthritis in his left thumb.’”

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“Where are you going with this?” Brzezinski interjected.

“This guy says such random s—t!” he exclaimed to which she replied, “Joe stop!” as she first covered her mouth and then tried, unsuccessfully, to cover his.

“’Oh, he’s a kindly, old man who could not remember his son’s birthday,'” he continued, mimicking Hur as his co-host once again asked him to “stop.”

‘I don’t know exactly, like, does he hope he gets a judgeship? I think he does,” Scarborough persisted. “I think he hopes he gets a judgeship if Donald Trump gets elected again. He is trying out. He humiliated himself with that display.”

Watch below or at the link.

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