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Judge Likens Biden’s Regime To Mafia, Accuses Of ‘Strong-Arming’ Social Media Titans

In a scathing rebuke of the Biden administration’s approach to social media companies, a three-judge panel has likened their tactics to those of a mafia, as reported in the original article by . The panel criticized the ‘strong-arm’ methods employed by the administration to coerce platforms into censorship. These sentiments emerged during a recent hearing in front of the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, where the administration’s appeal of an injunction was under discussion. The judges took issue with the administration’s “irate messages” and “unsubtle strong-arming,” invoking striking comparisons to organized crime. Such confrontations highlight the contentious battle between free speech and government intervention in the digital age. For a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, read the full article by by clicking here.

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