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Kamala Harris Discovers AI Stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ Leaves World In Shock

America’s ‘AI Czar’ Kamala Harris has once again graced us with her unparalleled wisdom, leaving us in awe of her intellectual prowess. In a groundbreaking revelation, she enlightened the masses by explaining that AI, wait for it, stands for “artificial intelligence.” Yes, folks, brace yourselves for the mind-boggling complexity of those two letters. As she delved deeper into her profound explanation, she raised the crucial point of what information goes into the machine and how it influences the decisions and opinions produced. Truly groundbreaking insights, Kamala. But fear not, dear citizens, for she also reassured us that decisions should be reflective of everyone’s needs and life experiences. Oh, what a novel concept! We must applaud Summit News for their impeccable coverage of this enlightening moment in history. In the meantime, I invite you all to indulge in the full ten-minute video, if you dare to sacrifice those precious moments of your life that you’ll never get back.

Kamala Harris explains AI

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