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[VIDEO] Explosive: Former Playboy Model Karen McDougal Reveals Affair With Donald Trump

In a jaw-dropping interview with the Daily Mail, ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal divulged intimate details of her alleged ten-month affair with former President Donald Trump back in 2006. McDougal, now 52, provided a candid account of their relationship, asserting that Trump professed his love for her on multiple occasions. She also claimed that she ended the affair, which reportedly took place while Trump was married to Melania, shortly after she had given birth to their son, Barron.

Clad in a stunning dressing gown, McDougal’s allure is evident as she recounts her encounters with the rich, powerful, and older Trump. The ex-Playmate is one of two women, alongside Stormy Daniels, who asserts having had a relationship with the millionaire prior to his successful 2016 election campaign. These women’s allegations are at the center of the ongoing investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, marking the first instance in history where a former president faces multiple criminal charges – all of which Trump vehemently denies.

While Stormy Daniels has been the more prominent accuser, openly expressing her disdain for Trump and describing their alleged encounter as the “worst 90 seconds” of her life, McDougal insists, in her exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, that their relationship was genuine and filled with love.

One cannot help but understand why Trump might have been captivated by McDougal’s allure. At 52, she possesses cascading brunette hair and a figure that defies her age. McDougal’s intelligence, feistiness, and sharp wit only add to her charm, making her more than just a pretty face.

When questioned about Trump’s denial of their affair, McDougal swiftly corrects the record. While Trump’s team has denied the affair, he himself has never explicitly denied it. When asked by a reporter about his involvement with Karen McDougal, Trump responded, “I’ve done nothing wrong.” According to McDougal, this indicates that he acknowledges the truth of her claims.

McDougal raises valid points. Despite Trump’s derogatory remarks about Stormy Daniels and E. Jean Carroll, who recently won a $5 million defamation case against him, he has notably refrained from making disparaging comments about McDougal.

Addressing assumptions about her relationship with Trump, McDougal vehemently asserts that theirs was not a casual affair. She maintains that they were genuinely in love, sharing heartfelt expressions of affection. “I was in love with him. He was in love with me. I know that because he told me all the time. He’d say, ‘You’re my baby, and I love you.’ He showed me off to his friends,” McDougal states.

Furthermore, McDougal clarifies that she was the one who ended the relationship. She explains that while contemplating ways to extricate herself, she met Bruce Willis, with whom she subsequently began a relationship. McDougal stresses that she was not cheating on Trump but found solace in the companionship of a kind and single man like Willis.

McDougal’s journey and how it intersected with the life of a once-powerful man like Trump almost sound like an “American Dream” narrative. Raised in a working-class family in Michigan, McDougal ventured into modeling after enhancing her figure. Her path ultimately led her to Playboy magazine, where she achieved accolades such as Playmate of the Month, Playmate of the Year, and runner-up for Playmate of the ’90s

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