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Katie Britt will be remembered as a ‘joke’: Alabama columnist sticks a fork in her career

Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) had all eyes on her, but she drastically failed to live up to expectations, according to a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize Saturday.

Britt, who through a spokesman admitted Saturday that Joe Biden wasn’t at all linked to a Mexican cartel sex-trafficking story she told in response to the president’s State of the Union speech, has faced allegations that her major speech was delivered with the cadence of an actor.

Even some of Trump’s closest allies criticized Britt’s breathless State of the Union response conducted from her sparse kitchen.

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The latest to pile on Britt is John Archibald, who has previously reported on issues in the state of Alabama.

“Katie Britt’s kitchen was empty. Her table was bare. There was nothing to see but her. And she was – they told us – ready for her closeup. Come on in, America. Meet your future, and see just how normal it looks,” the columnist wrote. “None of this Tommy Tuberville stuff, with the casual racism or the flip-flopping or the hopeless ignorance about the three branches of government.”

Archibald continued to hype the expectations that had been placed on Britt throughout the entire Southern state.

“This was Katie Britt, Alabama’s Great Slight Hope. This was Katie freakin’ Britt, the second coming of Dick Shelby, who could keep his dignity, and hold on to most of himself while maintaining his conservative values, bringing home pork by the barrelful and appeasing the red meat Republican crowd and the Business Council of Alabama to boot,” the piece reads. “Katie freakin’ Britt, the one they said was different. The one they said could show this whole country that young, educated GOP women were still a thing.”

But that’s not exactly how things turned out.

“America was looking for proof of normalcy. And it got ‘The Three Faces of Eve,'” Archibald wrote. “Which is sort of appropriate, I suppose, since Britt has had to use a slew of personalities to pretend to be everything to everyone in her own state’s GOP.”

In closing, Archibald argued that Britt’s “Nicolas Cage” acting will ensure she goes down in history as a “joke.”

“Katie Britt was supposed to be the smart one, the reasonable one, the regular one,” he continued in the Saturday opinion piece. “She was supposed to be the one who would make Alabamians proud — or less embarrassed than they too often are. Unfortunately, she will be remembered another way. As a joke.”

Read the piece here.

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