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Kimmel knocks Britt for SOTU rebuttal at Oscars: She’s an ‘adult woman with the brain of a child’

Jimmy Kimmel is taking a knock at Sen. Katie Britt at the Academy Awards for the Alabama Republican’s much-mocked State of the Union rebuttal.

The late-night TV host took to the stage at the 96th annual Oscars on Sunday with a series of rapid-fire wisecracks mostly aimed at the Hollywood stars in attendance at the Los Angeles ceremony.

But in an otherwise politics-free monologue, Kimmel took a dig at Britt, without mentioning the lawmaker by name.

Speaking about Emma Stone’s Oscar-nominated role in the film, “Poor Things,” Kimmel said that the actor plays “an adult woman with the brain of a child.”

“Like the lady who gave the rebuttal to the State of the Union,” Kimmel quipped, to laughs from the audience.

Britt was widely criticized on social media — and skewered on “Saturday Night Live” with Scarlett Johansson impersonating her — for what detractors dubbed a “melodramatic” rebuttal to President Biden’s State of the Union address on Thursday.

Kimmel, a frequent critic of former President Trump, had told CNN ahead of his Oscars hosting gig that he might add a political barb to his monologue “at the last minute” at the awards show, depending on the news cycle.

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