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‘Kleptocracy’: Red flag raised Trump is putting America on the path to dictatorship

Trump cozying up to the steely Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and revering Russia’s Vladimir Putin are the tell-tale signs of a democracy-deficient direction he’d like to take the country.

This week former president Donald Trump broke bread with Orbán and suggested he could end the Russian-Ukranian war by preventing even a “single penny” be allotted to fight the invasion.

“That’s why the war will end, because it’s obvious that Ukraine cannot stand on its own two feet,” Orbán huffed afterward.

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Jacob Heilbrunn, author of “America Last”, appeared on MSNBC to touch on Trump’s blueprint for a second term. Should it happen, it likely would witness Trump striking a kind of deal with both leaders while enriching himself in the process.

“In the end, it is all about the grift,” he said. “Orbán is exploiting the so-called immigration crisis just the way Trump is attempting to do it on the southern border right now.”

There’s a reason immigration has been propped up so prominently in Trump’s rants.

“But, broadly, these are useful issues to claim power. and then, it is about monetizing it for the family,” said Heilbrunn. “That is exactly what we are seeing with the Trump family, right now, as the Republicans claim that Hunter Biden is some kind of Napoleon of crime when, in fact, as we see Kushner and Grenell and Trump himself engaging in deals in the Middle East. so, that is where I think the United States would be headed, toward a kleptocracy.”

The 45th president’s son-in-law managed to mint a $2 billion windfall investment from Saudi Arabia which has also been accused of being a “grift”.

Criticism over the $2 billion investment gifted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Jared Kushner’s firm was being scrutinized while Trump’s businesses apparently had been collecting millions in foreign payments while he was in office.

Just today, Kushner has also confirmed that he was finalizing major real estate deals in both Albania and Serbia.

The New York Times reported that Kushner’s exploration in the Balkans “appear to have come about in part through relationships built while Trump was in office.”

Heilbrunn sees parallels to Trump and his family’s power plays as a troubling “form of oligarchy”.

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