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“Lack Of Adult Supervision”: US Intel’s Blind Spot On Zelensky’s Actions Raises Alarms

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh sheds light on the involvement of US technology in Ukraine’s second strike on the Crimean Bridge. According to his source, the Biden administration played a “critical role” in both attacks, making their actions vital.

“The drone was remotely guided and half submerged–like a torpedo,” confirmed an American official, hinting at their technology’s role in the July drone attack. Hersh’s Substack post delves into recent events in Ukraine from the perspective of American intelligence officials seeking the President’s attention.

Concerns arise regarding the US intelligence community’s lack of foresight on potential Russian retaliation. Hersh’s source disclosed that they don’t consider such possibilities. Moreover, the lack of “adult supervision” for Ukrainian President Zelensky gives him significant leeway, leading to serious consequences.

While Ukraine officially claims no responsibility for the attacks, US intelligence attributes the October truck bombing to Ukrainian intelligence. Washington’s continued support for Kiev risks escalating the conflict, warned the Russian ambassador to the US.

In retaliation for the bridge attack, Russia targeted Odessa’s port facilities, impacting Ukraine’s export capabilities. An American official mentioned Odessa’s exports, including “illegal stuff like drugs and the oil that Ukraine was getting from Russia.”

The US’s support for Kiev persists, with recent attempts to procure artillery shells from Pakistan. Speculation also arises about Zelensky’s connection to Biden, influencing US support. As the situation unfolds, the impact of these attacks reverberates in the region.

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