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‘Land of the stupid’: Ex-Trump campaign advisor debunks MAGA’s Biden Easter ‘lies’

A former Trump campaign advisor is out to debunk the ex-president’s latest “lies” about President Joe Biden and Easter.

MAGA influencers raged Saturday against Biden and the White House, claiming that the president has declared Easter to be “transgender visibility day.” The Trump campaign joined in parroting this line, and it was reported on Fox News.

But A.J. Delgado, formerly a senior advisor to the Trump presidential campaign in 2016 who worked for the Trump transition team after the 2016 election, is taking a blowtorch to the MAGA claim.

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Conservative Matt Walsh, who has been referred to as a “wingnut” who says the quiet part out loud, called Biden a “demon.”

“I have as low an opinion of Biden as you can possibly have and yet this is so outrageously evil that I had to check to make sure it was real. It is,” Walsh said Saturday. “Our ‘catholic’ president has chosen the highest holiday on the Christian calendar to celebrate transgenderism. This man is a demon.”

Former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy also repeated the argument:

“Joe Biden just proclaimed that ‘Transgender Visibility Day’ is on Sunday, March 31st,” he wrote. “I wonder how he came up with that date.”

But all of that is nonsense, Delgado explained.

“For those of you with an IQ higher than 50 (this excludes much of MAGA), or ethics higher than a con-artist (this excludes much of MAGA), let me explain to you their latest bullshit re [Easter],” she said. “You’ll see a lot of liars or low-IQ influencers shrieking that Biden has declared Easter as ‘transgender visibility day,’ linking to a White House statement acknowledging March 31st as Transgender Visibility Day.”

The attorney goes on to explain that the date is a mere coincidence.

“This year, Easter happens to fall on March 31st. (It falls on a different day each year — sometimes in March, sometimes in April),” she said. “They’re taking this and claiming that Biden has turned Easter into a day to celebrate trans. After all, he picked to make this ‘March 31st = trans day’ proclamation on the one year where March 31st is the day Easter falls on. OK, let’s explore that.”

That, too, “leads you to the land of the stupid and/or liars,” she added.

“Because, a five second Google search reveals Biden didn’t choose ‘March 31st’ as trans day. Rather, that tradition started a DECADE ago.”

“But wait, it gets better,” she said. “Not only did ‘March 31st = trans visibility day’ start a decade ago (and no, it wasn’t Biden and his advisors sitting around, deliberately picking the day on which Easter falls this year)… but also…Biden has issued these March 31st proclamations every year he’s been in office.”

“Was Biden supposed to ABSTAIN from issuing a [statement] in support of trans-visibility THIS year (even though he’s issued the [statement] every other year, for March 31st), just [because], randomly, Easter happens to fall on March 31st this year?” she asked.

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