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Lawmakers Slam Big Pharma: Explosive 💥 COVID Vaccine 💉 Hearing

Sparks flew during a contentious public hearing in the Australian Parliament, as Representatives from Pfizer and Moderna faced tough questioning on the country’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout. In her original article for American Greatness, Debra Heine reports that conservative lawmakers expressed outrage over the persistently high COVID cases despite the country’s strict lockdowns and vaccine mandates. The hearing brought to light unsatisfactory answers and evasive responses from Pfizer and Moderna representatives regarding forced vaccinations, heart inflammation risks, and serious adverse events. Moreover, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine also came under scrutiny, intensifying concerns about transparency and accountability within the pharmaceutical industry. As the drama unfolded, the spotlight turned on Big Pharma’s questionable practices, leaving many to question their motives and actions.

During the hearing, Senator Pauline Hanson confronted Dr. Brian Hewitt, Pfizer Australia’s Head of Regulatory Sciences, on the claim that no one was forced to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, evidence from healthcare workers suggested otherwise, as many faced job loss if they refused vaccination. Senator Alex Antic raised alarming statistics, showing a spike in myocarditis cases following the vaccine rollout. Despite such serious concerns, the pharmaceutical companies seemed unable to provide straightforward answers on the vaccine’s safety and its potential side effects. The explosive hearing shed light on the deeply contentious issue of vaccine mandates and the role of powerful pharmaceutical companies, sparking public outcry and calls for further investigations.

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