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Lawyer Dragged For Saying Barron Trump Looks Like ‘A Rapist At A Frat Party’

Lawyer Kyle Keegan took considerable backlash over an X post from late last week in which he claimed that former President Donald Trump’s son Barron looked to him like “a rapist at a frat party.”

Keegan posted a photo of the youngest Trump — the only son of former First Lady Melania Trump — who just turned 18 earlier this year and is scheduled to graduate from high school later this week.

“Is it just me, or does Barron look like a rapist at a frat party?  I’m just asking questions,” the photo’s caption read.

As many critics noted, Keegan published the post but limited replies to only people who either followed him or were mentioned in the original post.

“This stunning and brave clown shut down replies on this,” Joe Concha noted. “He also has Michael Cohen as his profile picture. Hey Kyle — maybe take this post attacking a teenager still in high school down instead of hiding?”

”How do you know what a rapist at a frat party looks like?” RedState’s Bonchie asked, adding that it seemed to be an “oddly specific description.”

“You’re a psycho and a coward for closing comments,” The Blaze’s Jessica O’Donnell commented.

“It’s just you. Seek help,” Damani Felder replied.


“This self-claimed ‘attorney’ is not smart enough to realize that his baseless cheap-a** insult of #BarronTrump represents grounds for a defamation lawsuit,” Tom T. (@VRWCTexan) posted, tagging the Trump campaign team and Eric Trump, Barron’s older half-brother.

Rob Province summed it up in just five words: “Dude, don’t be a creep.”

Keegan responded the following day after one of the replies pointed out that no matter how much he hated Trump, “The sins of the father should not be visited upon the son” — and he suggested that he had only posted the original comment because Barron Trump had been invited to be a delegate at the 2024 Republican National Convention.

“I tweeted that before he (Melania) rejected the appointment,” Keegan said, suggesting that made his comment about Barron more palatable. “I only tweeted this today.”

The quoted tweet read, “Barron’s political career was like a hundredth of a Scaramucci.”

Source: The Daily Wire

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