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Legacy Media’s Reporting On Mass Shooting Does Not Reflect Reality

Legacy Media’s Reporting On Mass Shooting Does Not Reflect Reality

Legacy media’s reporting on mass shootings does not reflect reality. 

X account Unbiased Crime Report said, “According to Mother Jones, there were only 12 mass shootings in 2023!?” 

“Meanwhile, CNN will tell you there were 658 mass shootings in 2023,” the Unbiased Crime Report said. 

But legacy media conveniently leaves out the majority of mass shootings were labeled “gang violence.” 

Unbiased Crime Report said there is no set definition of a mass shooting.

“The definition and numbers change drastically depending on the narrative they [corporate media] want to push,” the X user said, adding the narrative is entirely about gun control, plus the “Anti-white narrative: Exclude 98% of mass shootings! (because they MIGHT be gang related).” 

Another inconvenient truth is that most gang shootings occur in imploding Democrat-controlled cities where gun control is the strictest. 

In an interview, Joe Rogan and gun rights activist Colion Noir spoke about this issue this week. 

“When I look at who was pushing the narrative for gun control, it is always a Democrat. Always. Which is fine if that’s the way the party wants to lean. But what I have a problem with is when the vast majority of gun murders in this country are coming from inner cities that are all ran by Democrats. That’s where I have a problem. Because you’re pushing legislation and you’re pushing policies that do nothing to address the root cause of the issue. You’re literally using the deplorable conditions in these environments to justify more gun control policies that will do nothing to fix these environments but give you more control over people,” Noir told Rogan. 

If you’ve noticed, radical Democrats and their billionaire funders, like Mike Bloomberg, who plows tens of millions of dollars into anti-gun groups, have no viable solution in fixing inner cities. Instead, they want to destroy the Second Amendment. 

Wed, 01/31/2024 – 18:40

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