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Legal Roadblock For Illegal Immigrants, Federal Court Says Biden’s Border Tactics Are Unconstitutional.

Truth Puke’s take: On Wednesday, a federal judge in Florida stopped the Biden administration from using parole to let a lot of migrants into the U.S. interior. Judge T. Kent Wetherell made the decision in response to a lawsuit from the state of Florida. The law says that parole should only be used “on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.” The administration had been using parole more and more to quickly release migrants into the interior to reduce crowding at the border as it deals with record numbers of migrants. Wetherell also decided that the policies of the Biden administration, such as “catch and release,” had made the border less effective at keeping illegal immigrants out. Ashley Moody, the Republican Attorney General of Florida, said in a statement after the ruling that she was disappointed. A new study finds that illegal immigration now costs US taxpayers $151 billion a year.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said Wednesday that President Biden is to blame for the border crisis, and his illegal immigration policies make the country less safe. Judge Wetherell upheld the governor’s actions and ruled that the Biden administration is breaking federal immigration law by not doing his job and securing the country’s border. The judge also agreed with the Sunshine State when it said that it had a right to challenge the policy because it had to pay a lot of money to help more than 100,000 migrants who had been let into the state. The Biden administration stopped putting migrant families in jail in 2021, but it is rumored to be thinking about doing it again when Title 42 ends in May. The Trump administration looked for ways to get migrants into the interior of the U.S. faster, such as Parole + ATD, which requires migrants to check in with ICE when they get to their destination.

It also ended policies from the Trump administration, like the Migrant Protection Protocols, which kept migrants in Mexico until their immigration hearings. GOP states are also getting ready to sue the government over its “humanitarian parole” program, which lets up to 30,000 people from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Cuba come to the US each month. The administration is also facing a challenge to the new rule about asylum, which would make migrants automatically ineligible for asylum if they entered the US illegally and didn’t claim asylum in a previous country they passed through.

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