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‘Like an 8th grader’: Nancy Mace scorched on MSNBC for her ‘shameless’ Trump rape defense

Multiple panelists on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” argued on Monday that Rep. Nancy Mace is “incapable of feeling shame,” and they harshly criticized the South Carolina Republican over her attempt to turn the tables on interviewer George Stephanopoulos during an ABC News interview.

Speaking with Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Mace repeatedly accused the host of trying to shame her as a rape victim by asking why she is endorsing Donald Trump, who was found liable for sexually abusing and defaming journalist E. Jean Carroll last year.

With Stephanopoulos repeatedly telling Mace that he was talking about the former president’s actions, she repeatedly argued with him, at one time stating, “It’s a shame that you will never feel, George. And I’m not going to sit here on your show and be asked a question meant to shame me about another potential rape victim. I’m not going to do that.”

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After sharing a clip of Mace raging at the ABC host, Joe Scarborough stated, “She’s not shamed because she’s incapable of being shamed,” which led co-host Mika Brzezinski to interject, “Although she tried to shame E. Jean Carroll — my God.”

“This is a woman who was jeering Hunter Biden when he tried to show up and testify in public,” she added. “Ultimately, the private testimony went badly. She was acting like an eighth grader screaming at him.”

“How stupid, Jonathan Lemire, does she think people are — how stupid?” Scarborough asked. “That’s the thing. Again, whether it is bad acting, whether it is lying about a story that happened when George Bush was president and trying to attach it, all these years later, to Joe Biden, and then going on TV and lying about it, like, I just — maybe after a while, Republicans could figure out why they lost in 2018, lost in 2019, lost in 2020, lost in ’21, lost in ’22, lost in ’23.”

“Yeah, Trump went after E. Jean Carroll again over the weekend and there’s some chatter that maybe she should file another defamation lawsuit,” panelist Lemire replied. “It is bad acting, but really, it’s bad faith. What we saw from Representative Mace, it was indeed, although it is impossible to shame it was shameful.”

“It is twisting what George Stephanopoulos said and going on the political attack and hiding behind something, of course, that was truly terrible that happened in order to defend her support of Donald Trump,” he added. ” And this is what we’re seeing more and more from Republicans, where it’s not just that they’re trying to lie for political points, they’re detached from reality.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

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