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Liz Truss Disputes £12k Bill for Chevening House Hospitality, Including Missing Bathrobes And Alleged Party Expenses

t’s a bill that would give anyone sticker shock: over £12,000 for hospitality and missing items, including bathrobes, at the prestigious Chevening house. But for former foreign secretary Liz Truss, it’s not the amount that’s the issue, it’s the contents of the bill itself.

Truss, who was using Chevening while she was running for Conservative Party leadership last summer, is disputing part of the bill on the grounds that it covers expenses for her official government work with civil servants, which she says should not be her responsibility. However, sources close to the situation have alleged that Truss used the mansion for more than just official business.

According to an insider who spoke with the Mail on Sunday, Truss used Chevening as a “mini No. 10,” holding meetings with her inner circle that often turned into parties in the evening. The source also claimed that the Cabinet Office had invoiced Truss for occasions that they believed to be party political rather than official business.

While Truss has agreed to pay for hospitality expenses related to her personal guests, she is disputing the bill’s other charges. Her spokesperson maintains that it would be inappropriate for her to pay for officials’ expenses, as it would have breached the civil service code.

The controversy comes on the heels of other allegations of impropriety at Chevening. In December, traces of a suspected class A drug were reportedly found at the mansion after parties attended by Truss’s political allies. At the time, Truss denied any involvement or knowledge of the drug use.

Chevening, a 115-room mansion set in 3,000 acres in north-west Kent, is traditionally granted to the foreign secretary, and its upkeep is funded by a trust established by an act of parliament. While the Chevening Trust oversees costs and funding for the house, the Cabinet Office can invoice guests for expenses related to their stays.

As the controversy over the bill continues, it remains to be seen what other secrets and scandals may emerge from Chevening’s storied halls.


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