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‘Low moment’: George Conway says he wasn’t happy about Trump’s 2016 victory — he was drunk

Conservative attorney George Conway had a snappy retort when former President Donald Trump decided to reference him on his Truth Social platform.

Conway, the ex-husband of former Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and a longtime critic of the former president, took to X Monday night to explain a photo the former president posted on Truth Social last week amid his criminal hush money trial.

According to Conway, the photo showed “low moment” during which he celebrated Trump’s 2016 Election Night celebration .

“Alas, in one of the shots, I was, confessedly, rather inebriated,” Conway explained. “I had tears of joy in my eyes, was wearing a ‘Make America great again’ hat, and was hugging my then-wife, the campaign manager whose remarkable talents had astoundingly just elected a buffoon. … (Yes, Donald, supporting you was indeed a low moment in my life. Damn, you sure know how to hurt a guy.)”

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Monday’s hearing in the criminal hush money case saw the prosecution finally calling Michael Cohen, the former Trump lawyer and fixer who arranged the alleged affair hush payment from Trump to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Cohen, who already went to prison for charges related to his role in this effort, argued how the former president was purely trying to save his struggling campaign with the fraudulently concealed payment.

Trump, who burst into a fit of rage in front of reporters after the day of courtroom proceedings, has maintained he did nothing illegal and does not even acknowledge the affair between himself and Daniels even happened. His legal teamp further argues that Cohen is not a credible witness because he has already admitted to lying to Congress — although Cohen has said he only did this at the behest of Trump in the first place.

Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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