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Lukashenko Reveals Stunning Insights Into High-Stakes Talks With Putin And Prigozhin

In a bombshell revelation, Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko has shed light on the secret negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and PMC Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin that took place on June 23-24. Lukashenko’s account provides a rare glimpse into the intense discussions that took place between the leaders, uncovering the gravity of the situation and its potential consequences.

According to Lukashenko, Putin initiated contact promptly after his public address, calling him to provide detailed information about the unfolding events in Russia. Lukashenko realized the dangers lay not only in the current situation but also in its potential escalation. He shared his perspective with Putin, urging caution and suggesting a dialogue with Prigozhin and his commanders. However, Lukashenko was told that Prigozhin was unwilling to engage with anyone.

Undeterred, Lukashenko persisted and was able to establish contact with Prigozhin to explore a peaceful alternative to the dire situation. Prigozhin, speaking in explicit terms, shared his firsthand experience of witnessing numerous deaths among Wagner comrades and blamed Russia’s top brass. Lukashenko realized that these battle-hardened fighters, particularly the commanders, held significant influence over Prigozhin’s decisions.

He warned Prigozhin against rash actions, emphasizing that Putin would not meet him, let alone speak to him over the phone, given the prevailing circumstances. However, Prigozhin remained obstinate.

Lukashenko said, “Do as you wish but don’t hold it against me. Our brigade is prepared to be deployed to Moscow. Just like in 1941, we will defend Moscow because this situation goes beyond Russia.”

According to Lukashenko, the conversation also touched upon the origins of the conflict, stemming from rivalry between the army and Wagner PMC. What began as a personal feud among prominent figures escalated into the current turmoil.

While Lukashenko refrained from divulging all the details of their talks, he acknowledged the gravity and seriousness of their negotiations. He emphasized the significant contributions made by Prigozhin in the Ukraine conflict and the support Belarus provided, but remained cautious about revealing more. He also credited Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s work and acknowledged the unwarranted criticism he faced.

In a final twist, Lukashenko confirmed that the security guarantees to Wagner PMC and their boss promised by Putin had been honored, as Prigozhin arrived in Belarus.

As these revelations become public, the intensity of the negotiations and Lukashenko’s resolve to defend Moscow highlight the precariousness of the situation. The implications of these revelations, both domestically and internationally, remain to be seen, as the fate of the region hangs in the balance.

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