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Macron Urges Europe to Pursue ‘Strategic Autonomy’ and Reduce Dependence on US

TRUTH PUKE’S TAKE: French President Macron calls for Europe to reduce its reliance on the United States and not get involved in the confrontation between the US and China over Taiwan. Macron made the comments in an interview with POLITICO after returning from a three-day state visit to China, during which he spent six hours with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Macron emphasized his concept of “strategic autonomy” for Europe, which he believes should become a third superpower led by France. His concept has been reportedly enthusiastically endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party, whose leaders and theorists are convinced that weakening the transatlantic relationship will help accelerate China’s ascendance.

The large military exercises around Taiwan, which China launched just hours after Macron left China, were a response to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen’s diplomatic tour of Central American countries. Macron and Xi discussed Taiwan “intensely,” with Macron taking a more conciliatory approach than the US or the European Union.

Macron argued that Europe had increased its dependency on the US for weapons and energy and must now focus on boosting European defense industries. He also suggested Europe should reduce its dependence on the “extraterritoriality of the US dollar,” a key policy objective of both Moscow and Beijing.


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