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MAGA candidate: My calls to execute Biden and Obama are being ‘taken out of context’

Republican North Carolina state superintendent candidate Michele Morrow this week accused media outlets of playing “gotcha” games by accurately reporting on her past calls to execute President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.

Writing on Twitter, Morrow argued that reporters are “trying to create ‘gotcha moments’ out of old comments taken out of context, made in jest, or never made in the first place.”

She argued that they’re doing this to “hide the radicalism of the Democrat platform.”

In reality, there is nothing in Morrow’s old posts to indicate that she was speaking in jest.

In one post, Morrow responded to a question about whether she’d “follow Joe Biden’s advice and wear a mask” to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by writing, “Never. We need to follow the Constitution’s advice and KILL all TRAITORS!!!”

There is no section of the Constitution that discusses murdering public officials for advising that people wear masks to stop the spread of a disease that killed over one million Americans.

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In another post, Morrow rejected the idea of throwing Obama into prison as being insufficiently extreme.

“I prefer a Pay Per View of him in front of the firing squad,” she said. “I do not want to waste another dime on supporting his life. We could make some money back from televising his death.”

Last week, Morrow was confronted by CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz about these statements, and she completely brushed off his questions by trying to change the subject.

“Do you still stand by your comments about former President Barack Obama and that he should be executed, calling for the death of of other presidents?” asked Prokupecz.

“Do you know that education is a problem in this entire country?” replied Morrow. “So maybe they need to focus on what’s going on in your state of New York, which by the way is where I grew up. Maybe they need to focus on what’s going on in California, where children are not getting the education that they need. Maybe they needed to focus on what they’re doing in Michigan. Because right now in North Carolina, I’m focused on helping the families of North Carolina for their children to get quality education for them to be safe and for us to be sure that our money is going into the classroom rather than bureaucracies.”

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