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‘MAGA mother of the year’: Boebert roasted for attending Trump trial but not her son’s 🤔

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is among the latest batch of Republican lawmakers who made a pilgrimage to New York City to sit in on former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan.

But her presence there was particularly revealing to a lot of people on social media, because very recently, Boebert’s own son Tyler had to appear in court on felony charges for criminal possession of identity documents, strapped for cash and complaining to the judge he couldn’t afford a lawyer.

And his mother didn’t bother to show up for that courtroom proceeding.

Bill Smith pointed out, Boebert, who is currently attempting to jump ship from her own congressional district to a more conservative one on the other side of Colorado, was in court “to support Trump but absent from her son’s court date. Is there anything more she can do to demonstrate how terrible she is as a caring, responsible parent role model?”

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“Boebert doesn’t show up for her son’s criminal court dates where he says he can’t afford a lawyer,” wrote former Republican operative Ron Filipkowski. “Instead, the MAGA Mother of the Year is up in NYC giving a hand to Donald Trump.”

“As Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert travel to New York City to attend Trump’s trial, here’s a reminder, that Boebert’s teenage son Tyler Boebert was in court 7 days ago, without his mother and without a lawyer (he said he was having trouble paying for one),” wrote political commentator Brian Krassenstein, accompanying his post with a photo of Boebert posing with her children holding rifles in front of a Christmas tree. “Lauren Boebert makes at least $175,000 a year. Just saying…”

“Whew… Lauren Boebert showing up to court for a SA perp but not her own flesh and blood son, Tyler was a choice,” wrote the account Charli Huxley.

Source: Raw Story

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