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Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses Biden Family of Human Trafficking And Corruption

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made a bombshell allegation on Tuesday, accusing US President Joe Biden and his family of engaging in human trafficking activities that were linked to Russia and Ukraine. In a statement on Twitter, Greene stated that the “Biden crime family” was involved in soliciting prostitutes from the United States and foreign countries, including Russia and Ukraine.

According to Greene, the House Oversight Committee has a much more significant investigation to conduct than initially anticipated, as there appears to be an entire crime enterprise wrapped around the Biden family. This assertion was made after she and other lawmakers reviewed thousands of pages of financial records at the Treasury Department.

Greene claims that multiple Biden family members, along with other individuals and shell companies, were involved in this enterprise, and money was transferred through foreign countries such as China and Ukraine. She alleges that this investigation needs to be revealed to the American people as it is likely to reveal a web of corruption and fake companies that were used to funnel money from foreign countries directly into the personal bank accounts of the Biden family.

Furthermore, Greene asserts that the Biden family financially benefited from Biden’s positions of authority, which is deeply troubling. The House Oversight Committee is conducting a probe into the Biden family to determine whether members have engaged in business dealings that may compromise US national security or the president’s ability to lead impartially.

Greene contends that members of the Biden family have a “pattern of peddling access” to the highest levels of the US government to enrich themselves, often at the expense of US interests. These are serious accusations that, if true, could have far-reaching consequences for the Biden administration and the country as a whole. It remains to be seen what evidence, if any, Greene and the House Oversight Committee have to support these explosive allegations.


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