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Marjorie Taylor Greene just showed how ‘miserable’ it is to be a House Republican: op-ed

This Friday, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson over his pushing through of a $1.2 trillion bipartisan spending bill that angered far-right lawmakers.

“Today I filed a motion to vacate after Speaker Johnson has betrayed our conference and broken our rules,” Greene said in regards to the package that was passed to avoid a government shutdown. According to The Independent’s Eric Garcia, the move worked out great for Greene since she “has shown little desire to legislate but an eagerness for attention.”

“Greene and other hardline conservatives hate that, despite the fact Republicans control one half of one branch of the government, they did not get everything they want and get President Joe Biden to sign it. It’s an unrealistic desire, but the far-right side of the Republican Party doesn’t seem to care,” Garcia writes.

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As things stand, Greene’s move likely won’t result in Johnson’s ouster. But in the wake of Greene’s stunt, Wisconsin GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher joined Colorado GOP Rep. Ken Buck in announcing that he’ll be resigning from Congress, leaving Republicans with only a one-seat majority and making Johnson’s job more complicated.

“Gallagher’s move reveals just how miserable being in the House is for Republicans who want to get things done,” Garcia writes. “Just two days before, the House Oversight Committee held another, pointless impeachment inquiry hearing into the president and Hunter Biden that went nowhere.”

Garcia speculates that Gallagher, a known Trump critic, likely saw that his future consisted of either being in the minority or having to deal with Trump as president.

“As a result, it behooves someone like him to simply leave,” Garcia writes.

Read the full op-ed over at The Independent.

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