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Maryland governor: Black support ‘will consolidate’ around Biden

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D) predicted that Black voters will consolidate their support around President Biden in his likely rematch against former President Trump because he has always supported them.

Moore, a member of the Biden-Harris 2024 National Advisory Board, joined MSNBC’s Al Sharpton from Atlanta, Ga., where Biden held a campaign event where he announced the backing from three major political organizations that mobilize voters of color: The Collective PAC, Latino Victory Fund and AAP Victory Fund.

“I can tell you I think Black support is going to consolidate around the president because the support of the Black community has always been a priority of the president,” Moore said. “The president has always made our interests a priority.”

Moore, the only current Black governor in the country, said his state of Maryland has seen the impacts of a Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris leadership team. He pointed to the state’s low levels of unemployment nationwide and thousands of new jobs that have been created “in partnership with the Biden-Harris administration.”

“And so, I see that the Black community will mobilize behind this president because this president has always mobilized behind the Black community,” he continued.

The endorsement from the PACs is a huge gain for Biden, with donations to his campaign totaling $30 million.

The trio of minority-focused organizations are attempting to mobilize communities of color ahead of this year’s election. In 2020, minority voters helped carry Biden to his victory over Trump and they will be critical in November in what is expected to be a close race.

Moore argued that it sends a message and it “shouldn’t be lost on anybody” that the Biden campaign is hosting an event in Atlanta after his State of the Union address Thursday.

“I think people are energized and excited and we can see why, because results matter,” he said.

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