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Megyn Kelly Slams Jimmy Kimmel’s Attack On Tucker Carlson As Late-Night Host’s Show Struggles To Stay Relevant

After Tucker Carlson was suddenly removed from Fox News without explanation, he posted a video online in which he challenged the mainstream media. However, Jimmy Kimmel, a former comedian and current Democratic Party activist, cherry-picked out-of-context clips from Carlson’s show and attacked him on his own show. Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News host, spoke out against Kimmel’s attack on Carlson, pointing out that Kimmel’s show is an in-kind contribution to the Democratic Party and its donors.

Kelly went on to criticize Kimmel for his lack of audience compared to Carlson’s. She pointed out that while Kimmel’s show costs tens of millions of dollars to produce, Carlson’s video cost nothing, and drew in three times more viewers than Kimmel’s show on cable. She suggested that Kimmel’s bitterness and jealousy over Carlson’s success is what drives him to go personal and make such attacks.

Kelly concluded that Kimmel’s attack was short-sighted, and warned that “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is on life support. She pointed out that late-night shows such as Kimmel’s have seen their revenue plunge by more than 40% since 2018, while Carlson’s voice remains a commodity that draws in tens of millions of viewers with just a two-minute video.

Do you agree that Kimmel’s show is essentially a political contribution to the Democratic Party?


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