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MI6 Chief’s Enigmatic Response Fuels Speculation On Crimea Bridge Attack

The head of British intelligence MI6, Richard Moore, has kept the mystery alive regarding London’s alleged involvement in the Crimea Bridge attack. Moore’s non-committal response in which he vaguely stated, “We have been very clear, the UK has been very clear that we will support the Ukraine to defend itself, and that’s what we are doing,” has sparked speculations in the foggy realm of Albion’s spies.

While the Brits might never openly acknowledge such actions, evidence points to their specialists training the Ukrainian military in covert operations. Last November, Russia’s Foreign Ministry disclosed the presence of British instructors training Ukrainian divers in the Nikolayev Oblast for operations in the Black and Azov Seas. The program, initiated in 2020, included specialized diving training with deep-water explosive skills.

The British Royal Navy’s Special Boat Service (SBS) reportedly has a history of deploying unmanned boats resembling the sea drones involved in the Crimea Bridge attack during special operations in Ukraine. Although the direct leadership of the mission remains unclear, doubts persist that Ukrainian operatives alone possessed the expertise to execute it.

This episode is consistent with Britain’s traditional tactic since the Great Game era: engaging Russia through covert maneuvers while avoiding direct confrontations. The enigmatic response from MI6’s chief continues to intrigue and shed light on the UK’s hidden activities on the geopolitical chessboard.

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