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Miss Italy Stands Firm, Excludes Biological Males From Beauty Pageant

In a bold move, the Miss Italy (Miss Italia) beauty pageant has garnered attention by banning transgender contestants, emphasizing its commitment to traditional values. According to Patrizia Mirigliani, the competition’s official patron, this policy has been in place since its inception, rooted in the belief that entrants must be “a woman from birth.”

Mirigliani states that the decision was taken to avoid succumbing to the trend of including transgender participants for the sake of media attention, which she finds “a little absurd.” Miss Italy, she asserts, will not yield to the glittery allure of trans activism, emphasizing the importance of moderation and respecting aesthetics.

The move comes in the wake of the Miss Netherlands beauty pageant crowning a transgender contestant, Rikkie Valerie Kollé, as its winner, triggering discussions about the direction of contemporary feminism. However, Miss Italy remains unwavering, upholding its existing regulations and continuing to focus on women who are born female.

Miss Italy’s stance diverges significantly from Miss Universe, which permits transgender individuals to compete. In 2012, Miss Universe altered its rules to accommodate biological males who identify as transgender, a decision they regarded as a step towards supporting equality for all women.

While some beauty pageants have embraced transgender inclusion, Miss Italy remains steadfast in its commitment to tradition and the essence of femininity. Mirigliani acknowledges Miss Holland’s choice to include transgender participants but firmly reiterates that Miss Italy’s rules will remain unchanged, upholding its distinct identity.

As the conversation on transgender inclusivity in beauty pageants continues, Miss Italy’s unwavering stance challenges the prevailing narrative, emphasizing the value of preserving tradition and the essence of womanhood. With Rikkie Valerie Kollé set to represent the Netherlands in Miss Universe 2023, the pageant world remains divided on this critical issue. Only time will tell how this decision will shape the future of beauty competitions worldwide.

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