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Morning Joe accuses the NYT of publishing ‘garbage’ pro-Trump polls to create news

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough went on an extended rant on Wednesday morning over a recent questionable — according to analysts— New York Times/Siena poll that showed Donald Trump with unusually huge leads in battleground states, with the “Morning Joe” host accusing the venerable newspaper of publishing “garbage” to create news.

According to the NYT poll, President Joe Biden is struggling with young voters and voters of color. However, as co-host Mike Brzezinski pointed out, polling experts have taken to social media to rip the pollsters’ methodology apart saying the final results have been “skewed” in Trump’s favor.

According to Scarborough, he truly believes the Times has been pushing sketchy polls showing Trump leading because it allows them to get multiple stories out them to drive the news cycle.

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Scarborough pointed out, “We do this every time when this poll comes. It’s always an outlier and the New York Times” always gets 15 or 16 articles out of them that everybody rushes to because it says: ‘Earth ends at five o’clock. Hit link,’ New York Times, fifteen times and they keep writing articles about it.”

“Morning Joe” regular John Heilemann contributed, “I understand your level of sophistication reading the media, why you think that is true. What I’m trying to say is I agree with you. The best bulwark against any polls, outliers or anything else for people who are actually consumers of this information is to not let these — any given news outlet or any given poll shape your perception of the race unduly.”

“But John, a that is not realistic. and I’ll tell you why ” Scarborough interrupted. “I know people come up to you after every New York Times/Sienna poll comes out— it completely changes the political battlefield out there for about a week, week and a half. It distorts the questions that are asked of the White House. It distorts the questions that are asked of Donald Trump. It distorts all of the opinion, it distorts everything.”

“That keeps happening every month when this comes out and then about two weeks later after the residue of the New York Times/Siena poll leaves, people go, ‘Oh, I think Joe Biden is on a winning streak,'” he continued. “And then two weeks later it comes out again and it’s garbage it’s an outlier. And yes, the New York Times, when they have all of these experts questioning the methodology, when they are calling 20 percent of the people likely voters who had never voted before or didn’t vote in the last two primaries or never voted before, when they are even quoting people who say they are switching their vote from Joe Biden who have never voted before? I’m sorry! The New York Times has to know what they are doing! ”

Watch below or at the link.

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Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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