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Morning Joe heaps scorn on JD Vance and Tommy Tuberville for ‘bizarre’ courthouse stunt

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough mocked and scorned Sens. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) and J.D. Vance (R-OH) for their show of support for Donald Trump at the Manhattan courthouse where he’s standing trial for falsifying business records to cover up illegal campaign contributions.

The Republican senators attended portions of Monday’s trial, which featured testimony from former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen, and the pair complained about the courtroom’s dreary décor and prosecutors’ use of the honorific “mister” instead of “president,” and the “Morning Joe” host said both men should be ashamed of themselves.

“You know, it’s different stories for both of these men,” Scarborough said. “Tommy Tuberville wasn’t exactly sure who fought in World War II and what World War II was fought for, but J.D. Vance, I mean, we could get the clips. J.D. Vance, you know, was wearing his little Silicon Valley vest, talking about, ‘I like San Francisco,’ you know? He was like, I like — I mean, he was the elite’s elite, he was the toast of the town. ‘Oh, please tell us how poor white people live in Ohio.’ He’s like, ‘Well, yes, could you give me some more chardonnay, please, love?’ He did that routine, made a lot of money doing that.”

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“Then he decided he wanted to run for Congress, but before he did, and I have to remind people of this because nobody remembers this stuff,” Scarborough added. “J.D. Vance said in 2016, if you love Jesus, you couldn’t support Donald Trump. He didn’t say that, like, in 2002 in Silicon Valley – buy, sell – you know, he said that in 2016. If you love Jesus, if you are a Christian, you cannot support Donald Trump. Now, on the vice presidential treadmill, he’s changed his mind and decided this is the most noble of men in his porn star trial in a very, very depressing courtroom.”

While Vance cast doubt on Cohen’s credibility, on which Trump has been prohibited from commenting under a gag order, Tuberville was more concerned about the aesthetics of the courtroom and the level of respect shown to the quadruple-indicted ex-president.

“If Tommy Tuberville would like a list of really great interior decorators across Alabama, northwest Florida, I could give him some people,” Scarborough said. “I’ll talk to my friends in Pensacola – ‘Hey, could you go fix up the courtroom? Tommy Tuberville says it is depressing.’ I mean, it’s just the stupidity of it all. By the way, let us never forget that we have in Tommy Tuberville a man who gutted America’s military readiness for a year. He tried to gut America’s military readiness for a year. Generals, admirals, whether they were active or retired, were saying as much, that by holding up families, holding up officers for moving on to their next position, was completely decimating the readiness for some people. This guy giving a lecture on morality, again, being obsessed with the interior decorating of a New York City courtroom – it is beyond bizarre. Again, all I can say is, it’s just — it’s just about the vice presidential sweepstakes, everybody wants to be vice president for Donny.”

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Source: Raw Story – Celebrating 20 Years of Independent Journalism

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