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MSNBC legal expert clashes with ‘whack-job’ Trump ally on hush money judge accusations

Former President Donald Trump’s allegation that the daughter of the judge in his New York hush money case was posting anti-Trump content on social media is unsubstantiated, as there is no evidence the recently-created account is actually associated with her — and news outlets leapt to fact-check his complaints.

But far-right Trump loyalist Laura Loomer wasn’t happy about this — and launched a volley of attacks on MSNBC legal analyst Katie Phang, against which the latter was completely unfazed.

@KatiePhang was also community noted for lying and saying the X account doesn’t belong to Judge Merchan’s daughter. It does. And community notes even said I brought the receipts and Katie brought nothing but insults,” wrote Loomer. She posted a screenshot of what appeared to be an unapproved, nonpublic community note that simply said, “Laura brought the receipts; Kate [sic] brought nothing + insults.”

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“‘Not Shown on X’. Nice try, Laura,” Phang replied. “Again, move on to someone who actually thinks you’ve got a point.”

“Wow you’re so triggered,” wrote Loomer. “You’re also a hack. Spiraling out of control because you have been exposed for lying. Were you paid to do rapid response last night?”

“Laura: you’re a whack-job and I say that with complete sincerity,” Phang shot back. “Your problem is you continue to think I care about you and your baseless opinions. I really don’t. But you continue to show everyone that you’re OBSESSED with me. It’s really unhealthy.”

Loomer, a self-described “proud Islamophobe” who has defended white nationalism, had been banned from the platform, then known as Twitter, for years, before tech billionaire Elon Musk acquired the company, after which a large number of accounts banned for promoting hateful content were reinstated. She has mounted multiple unsuccessful campaigns for Congress, and Trump has even considered hiring her to his campaign, only to be talked out of it by his strategists.

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