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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace bursts into giggles over Trump’s clumsy denials of alleged affair

Donald Trump’s excuses around the hush money case aren’t adding up in the minds of the panelists on MSNBC Friday.

Trump stands accused of 34 felony charges about falsifying business records to cover up an alleged affair. He continues to maintain there was no affair and that he did nothing wrong.

The panel on Nicolle Wallace’s “Deadline White House” couldn’t help but laugh about the failure of excuses and reasonings behind Trump’s denials of the affair and cover-up.

The show brought up the tape recorded by ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in which Trump is talking about giving everyone cash to hide the affair.

“Well, my contention on the whole thing is you can say all you want about changing the testimony, but we played the tape where Donald Trump himself is talking to [Michael] Cohen, and Cohen says, we’ve got to set up the company. What company? What financing?” Rev. Al Sharpton said of the recording.

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Wallace broke in to recall Trump advocated paying in cash, which prompted her laughter.

At the same time, Trump is still advocating paying something in cash.

“Pay what in cash? If you were not involved in this scheme? He didn’t say, what you were talking about? He’s not saying, why are we paying? He’s saying pay in cash,” said Sharpton to continued chuckles from Wallace.

NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard mentioned that Trump said on Friday Cohen only did “small deals, not big deals.”

“So, if they’re going to try to paint him as an insignificant figure, well then who was the one who told Allen Weisselberg to do this?” he asked. “Because Allen Weisselberg wasn’t at the Trump Tower meeting in August of 2015? So, who is the one who directed Allen Weisselberg? Was it Donald Trump or Michael Cohen? Does Michael Cohen have that sort of power that Allen Weisselberg respects?”

He then recalled the May 2018 interview of Sean Hannity and Rudy Giuliani, “when this started to unravel and became public.”

The interview had Giuliani telling Hannity that Cohen took care of arrangements like this.

Wallace cut in to exclaim: “That funneled money!”

She then asked how many “legitimate legal costs are reimbursed with cash and funneled through to someone?”

New York Times reporter Susanne Craig could be heard chuckling at the question.

“Well,” Sharpton cut in, “how are you reimbursing if you’re telling the guy that you claimed was doing your legal services, ‘Pay it in cash.’ Well, then, who is ‘it’ if you’re the one that’s supposed to be the recipient?”

Wallace began laughing again.

See the clip below or at the link.

Nicolle Wallace bursts into giggles over Trump’s clumsy denials of the affair

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