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Musk Is Planning His Own Utopian Community In Texas.

Truth Puke’s take: Elon Musk has purchased hundreds of acres of property around 35 miles outside of Austin, where he intends to construct a town for his staff. The projected municipality is believed to be near to the already under-construction Boring and SpaceX facilities, and to already have some modular dwellings and signage hanging from poles. Musk intends to provide workers with rental homes priced well below the local market average and has plans for a Montessori school. The minimum population requirement for incorporation in Texas is 201 residents, and Musk-affiliated organizations have acquired at least 3,500 acres in the Austin region. Musk abandoned California and referred to it as “the home of excessive regulation, litigation, and taxation.” Tesla revealed intentions to extend its footprint in California by relocating its engineering headquarters to the state.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, acquired Mustang, Texas for an unknown sum in 2021. However, 77 acres falls well short of what Musk supposedly has in mind.

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