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Musk Said That A Glitch Will Cause Some Of The Next-Generation Starlink Satellites To Be “Deorbited.”

SpaceX, which is run by Elon Musk, has sent up the first of its next-generation Starlink internet satellites, but they immediately seem to be having problems.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Musk said there were “some issues” with “V2 Mini” satellites that were blasted into orbit last month.

“Lot of new technology in Starlink V2, so we’re experiencing some issues, as expected,” Musk wrote.

The billionaire was replying to a conversation on Twitter in which some people pointed out “significant” altitude changes of some of the V2 Minis.

Musk said, “Some sats will be deorbited, others will be tested thoroughly before raising altitude above Space Station.”

Separately, in a tweet, Starlink Insider tweeted a graph showing the decline in altitudes of some of the satellites.

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