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Musk Slams ‘Dumb Crook’ Epstein And Reveals Past Grudges With JPMorgan Chase

The recent developments surrounding Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the late financier Jeffrey Epstein have brought forth significant attention and speculation. In a 2018 interview, Epstein claimed to have provided financial advice to Tesla following Musk’s controversial Twitter comments that had a destabilizing effect on the stock market. These claims have resurfaced due to a subpoena served to Musk in a case brought against JPMorgan Chase by the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein owned an island alleged to be the site of a sex trafficking operation.

The subpoena requires Musk to provide records of all communications between him and Epstein regarding Tesla, with a specific focus on any financial advice Epstein may have offered. Additionally, the court order demands the disclosure of any documents related to Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and the procurement of girls or women for consensual sex.

Importantly, Musk is not being asked to testify under oath in this matter.

Reaching Musk with the subpoena has proven to be a challenge, and he has yet to respond to media inquiries regarding the case. However, he did address the situation on Twitter, his own platform, stating, “This is idiotic on so many levels,” and denying any advice from Epstein while dismissing the idea of seeking financial guidance from a “dumb crook.” Musk also mentioned his discontent with JPMorgan Chase, criticizing their past handling of Tesla’s banking affairs.

The basis for the subpoena lies in a 2018 interview with Epstein published by the New York Times. Although Epstein was evasive in his responses, he claimed that someone close to Musk at Tesla had sought his advice. The author of the interview, James B. Stewart, noted Epstein’s tendency to exaggerate his involvement, suggesting a pattern of self-aggrandizement. This interview, however, was published after Epstein’s alleged suicide in a New York jail.

It is important to note that the broader lawsuit brought by the US Virgin Islands accuses JPMorgan Chase of enabling and benefiting from Epstein’s trafficking of young women to his private island. Numerous women have come forward, alleging that they were held as sex slaves and forced to provide sexual services to Epstein and his influential clientele.

While Musk has not been summoned for a deposition in this particular case, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is expected to testify in a Manhattan court later this month.

Worth noting is that Musk has not faced any court summons regarding a controversial 2014 photograph featuring him and Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted in 2021 for her role in recruiting underage girls for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Musk has denied any substantial connection to Maxwell, stating that she merely “photobombed” him at a Vanity Fair event.

These developments underscore the intricate web of associations and allegations surrounding Epstein and his high-profile connections. As the legal proceedings continue, the focus will likely shift to uncovering any potential ties between Epstein’s activities and the individuals and organizations implicated in his intricate network.

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