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Nashville Rampage: What You Need to Know About the 6 Victims   

Three children and three staff members were killed at the Covenant School.

Law enforcement officials have identified six victims of a fatal shooting at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Monday morning, three children and three staff members were killed at Covenant School, a Christian school that serves students from preschool through sixth grade.

Police shot and killed a 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who is believed to be the assailant.

The authorities declared that Hale was a transgender individual, however, they did not offer more information. She was born female, however a LinkedIn account presumed to be hers utilizes he/him pronouns, indicating Hale was living as a male.

Metro Nashville Police Department identified the victims as:

Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9

Hallie Scruggs, 9

Hallie Scruggs is seen with her father Chad Scruggs, the pastor at the presbyterian church affiliated with the school.

Mike Hill, 61

Mike Hill, 61 – Hill was a custodian, investigators said.

William Kinney, 9

Cynthia Peake, 61 – Peak was a substitute teacher, according to investigators.

Katherine Koons, 60 – Koonce was the head of the Covenant School, according to police.

Katherine Koonce, a victim in The Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tenn., March 27, 2023.
The Covenant School

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