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NBPC Accuses Biden Admin of Corruption and Migrant Smuggling

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) has called out President Biden and his administration, blaming them for the “worst sustained disaster” ever seen at the border. The union has alleged that the administration is “absolutely corrupt to its core.” The warnings come as Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz confirms that upwards of 60,000 migrants are “staging in and around the immediate border area.”

The NBPC’s President, Brandon Judd, has gone as far as to say that if Biden wasn’t the President, he would arrest him for smuggling migrants into the country 🤣. Judd argues that the current crisis can be fixed by simply going back to the policies that President Trump implemented. “Joe Biden stole those policies from us — he stole every single one of our enforcement tools that would allow us to get this under control.”

Despite the Border Patrol’s efforts to control the influx of migrants, holding facilities are already over capacity, with nearly 25,000 migrants in holding facilities and tents at the border with Mexico. The flow into the country is only expected to get worse, warns Ortiz.

The situation is dire, and the NBPC warns that the crisis is only going to get worse. Nobody, except the cartel thugs, is prepared for what’s about to hit us, warns the union. The situation is not helped by the fact that the city and the county are going to have funding problems to get these people out of here, warns the mayor of Nogales.

The US forces have fortified their posts with barbed wire, concrete barriers, and heavily armed teams patrolling their front lines, with federal agents also on standby over the fear of rioters or mobs. However, the enforcement did not put off some waiting to cross, with some admitting that soldiers and heavy enforcement will not stop them from swimming to the US.

The Border Patrol union’s accusations against Biden and his administration are serious and should not be taken lightly. With the border crisis already out of control, it’s unclear what the future holds. One thing is certain, though, something needs to be done to reimplement the rule of law and keep the American public safe.

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