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‘Nefarious intent’: Body language expert breaks down Katie Britt’s State of Union video

Sen. Katie Britt, an Alabama Republican, recently came under fire after her delivery of her response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Now, a body language expert has explained what else she is telling viewers without knowing.

Dr. Jack Brown, who previously analyzed Donald Trump’s “neck of fear,” explained that Britt was deceiving Americans in her speech.

“One gestalt Body Language take-away point from Katie Britt’s Republican-SOTU response is her melodrama,” he said Saturday. “Like me, you may recall memories from middle school thinking your classmates were over-acting in a school play.”

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He continued:

“Acting is a form of lying *with consent*. Everybody’s in on it. It’s a shared-experience. We do it for entertainment purposes. Lying, however, is acting *without consent*. Only one party typically (initially) is aware of the lie. It’s most often done with nefarious intent. Thus, the Venn diagram of the body language, paralanguage, and verbal language behaviors in these two scenarios have tremendous overlap.”

Poor actors, the expert said, “almost never ‘hit the mark’ and rarely do they underact, rather they almost always over-act.”

“Unskilled liars rarely ‘hit the mark’ and equally rare do they underact, they almost always over-act,” he explained. “And that’s exactly what Sen. Katie Britt did during her Republican-SOTU response. She was acting – and she was lying.”

You can see that thread right here.

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