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New DoD Memo Exposes Controversial Perks For Transgender Service Members Amid Military Recruitment Crisis

In a recent exposé, The Dossier unveils a 34-page Department of Defense (DoD) memo shedding light on the “care of service members who identify as transgender.” Although not classified, the memo has been withheld from public access until now.

The memo outlines a series of generous perks afforded to transgender service members, following President Biden’s decision to overturn the transgender ban enforced during President Trump’s tenure. This policy shift has led to growing benefits for this group, triggering debate within the Defense Department.

Among the perks highlighted are taxpayer-funded services such as speech/voice therapy, cross-sex hormones, surgeries like voice feminization, and body contouring. Additionally, psychological counseling, grooming, and uniform standards waivers, as well as indefinite exemptions for physical fitness standards, are granted to transgender service members.

Critics argue that the military, already facing its toughest recruiting environment in decades, appears to prioritize social welfare and justice initiatives over its core mission of defense against external threats. The revelation of these perks is likely to fuel further discussions on the role and focus of the U.S. military in 2023.

View the full memo below to delve deeper into the controversial measures surrounding transgender service members.

Medcen Memo 40 517 Care of Service Members Who Identify as Transgender by Truth Puke on Scribd

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