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New RNC head who was chosen for boosting election fraud claims deleted this Jan. 6 tweet

The new head of the Republican National Committee appears to have something to hide from the MAGA base, and maybe from Donald Trump himself.

On Friday, Lara Trump was appointed co-chair of the RNC, prompting some Republicans to ditch the party altogether. The chair of the RNC is Michael Whatley, a longtime GOP operative.

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It has now been reported that Whatley was selected in part “because of his boosting of election fraud claims.” Yet he once deleted a tweet condemning Jan. 6, according to CNN investigative reporter Andy Kaczynski. He added that Whatley nixed a tweet “condemning the violent protests as an assault on democracy.”

“The actions of these violent protestors is completely unjustified and unacceptable,” Whatley wrote after the violent riot. “There is no rationale to excuse this assault on the foundations of our Democracy.”

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