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New York City on the Brink: Mayor Blames Biden Admin for ‘Destroying’ City with Migrant Crisis

New York’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has spoken out about the devastating impact the migrant crisis has had on the city, blaming the Biden administration for their lack of action in dealing with the situation. In a recent panel discussion hosted by the African American Mayors Association, Mayor Adams stated that the city is being destroyed by the migrant crisis, which has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Mayor Adams signed an executive order last week, extending the state of emergency in NYC due to the influx of illegal immigrants. According to a report by the city Comptroller, the city has had to increase its provisions for shelter by over 75% due to the influx of more than 55,000 foreigners claiming to be seeking asylum over the past year.

Mayor Adams is not alone in his concerns, as officials estimate that the total cost of providing shelter and other services to refugees will be around $1.4 billion this year and will rise to $2.8 billion in 2024. Despite receiving around $8 million from state and federal sources, officials say that this pales in comparison to the over $4 billion in related expenses the city is expected to incur through 2024 due to the migrant influx.

Mayor Adams slammed the Biden administration for their lack of support in dealing with the crisis during a City Hall press conference, stating that the national government has turned its back on New York City. He added, “We’re here today telling the White House we have been extremely patient. We’ve allowed the coordination of all of our agencies to come together to deal with this response.”

Mayor Adams also expressed concern over the Biden administration’s attempt to eliminate Title 42, a policy established during the Trump administration that allows the US to rapidly expel migrants who have entered the country illegally. He warned that “52,000 [asylum seekers] could jump to 100,000 if we don’t get this under control.”

New York City has long been a symbol of hope and prosperity for many immigrants, but the current migrant crisis is threatening to destroy that legacy. As the situation worsens, Mayor Adams is urging the Biden administration to take action before it’s too late.


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